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Virtual and Home training

Mat Pilates involves performing Pilates exercises on the floor using a Pilates or yoga mat.  Mat exercises are performed in a slow, controlled, precise manner.  There are hundreds of exercises to enjoy on the mat.  The main fitness goals of a mat pilates program include core strengthening, improved flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health and mind body awareness. Pilates ball, magic circle and pilates bands will be used.

​Private Instruction

Enjoy a 55 minute one on one session with Jen utilizing all of the Pilates equipment.  With Pilates you will develop strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance and good posture for a healthy life style.



Two people one instructor for 55 minutes. Bring a partner and share the cost.  Mat work with Pilates ball and magic circle will be used. No need to be the same level of fitness. Jen will modify the exercises/routine to meet both of your needs.

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