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Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.  He described the Pilates Method as “the comprehensive integration of body, mind and spirit."  By using a series of targeted movements and handcrafed, specially designed equipment, Pilates will improve posture, alignment, flexibility, stamina, strength and core stability.  


Today, it is a commonly held belief that Pilates is the most effective form of exercise for any body type at any level of fitness.  From the elite athlete to the stay-at-home mom, Pilates will elevate ones ability to perform arduous workouts and everyday activities with new found confidence and ease.


At Pilates with Jen we welcome all levels and abilities.  We know each client is unique, so every workout at Pilates with Jen is tailor-made to obtain each individual's goal.  Using state of the art equipment as well as a nurturing approach to instruction and form, Pilates with Jen promises to be positive experience for your body, mind and spirit.


Transform the way your body looks, feels and performs... right now!


5 Private Pilates


for $500

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